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Super Producer Ty Fyffe talks Raw & Uncut, Dealing w/ Feuding artist, G-Unit Loyalty & Making Beats!

Super Producer Ty Fyffe sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about his Raw & Uncut contest for unsigned artist. He also talks about his criteria in working with the up and coming artist & names his price. Plus find out how he deals with Feuding artist and why it's necessary to be loyal. He also gives his Jim Jones impression and tells producers how to pitch beats. An exclusive interview w/ Ty Fyffe.

Ty Fyffe

Dr. Dre talks DJing, Monster Beats, and Detox plus Will.i.am & Jimmy Iovine!

Ms. Drama goes behind the scenes at the Beats my Dre. Dre press event in New York. Dre talks about starting off as a DJ, becoming a producer, and the status of his upcoming album Detox. Will.i.am and Jimmy Iovine were also present, peep them testing out the product and in the mix. For more exclusive interviews and content, go to http://msdramatv.com.

Dr. Dre

Just Blaze talks Jay- Z, Producers Lying about getting Paid, Gospel Music, & his Rap Career!

Just Blaze gives a candid interview with Ms. Drama about the recession, his thoughts on producers lying about getting paid, his ideas on "followers" and the difference between producers and beat-makers. He also goes in about working on Gospel music, his beginnings as a DJ and beat maker and why he's not equipped to be a rapper. Plus his thoughts on working with Jay-Z and a cameo from Saigon. For more exclusives go to http://msdramatv.com

Just Blaze