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Djay Cas on producing 'Catching Flights' at Patchwerk Studios - Loopcloud Creator Stories

Loopcloud - Try It Now - https://bit.ly/3tGBwP9
Download Djay Cas Catching Flights: https://bit.ly/3rNDTzQ

Witness Djay Cas on a visit to the legendary Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, as he demonstrates Loopcloud DRUM's intuitive features and shares his thoughts on pushing Hip Hop culture forward.

United Beats is a brand-new series of global Hip Hop and Grime sample packs curated in conjunction with Djay Cas, Loopcloud, and Loopmasters. Take a closer look at talented Beatmakers working hard behind the scenes on some of the biggest tracks.


Djay Cas

AKAI MPC ONE Jazz Hip hop Electric Stock Plugin Sound Design (Rhodes)

A video on how to make Jazz hip hop Rhodes piano sounds in the AKAI MPC ONE (Live II & X). Marlo Digs is one of my favorite MPC boom bap producers & his Rhodes piano beats are FIRE! I'll show you how to make sounds with the electric stock plugin, how to make humanize chord progressions, & adding lofi effects too! Special thanks to Musician Paradise for the free Jazz chords. Please leave a comment if you want more stuff like this?

Sub to Marlow Digs here
his latest video! it's fire!

DJ Ave McRee

MPC ONE & Korg Wavestate Living Room Beat Making

Making beats on my AKAI MPC ONE & Korg Wavestate in the living room! I will have a full review on the Korg Wavestate soon & tutorials. Let see what this setup can do!

get a Korg Wavestate here

free Pierre Bourne inspired 808s here

if you like those 808s then check these out!

0:00 testing gear before cooking up
19:00 making a boom bap beat
26:12 in the groove!
54:45 finished the beat
58:34 prepping the 2nd track
1:12:32 in the groove again

DJ Ave McRee

Novation Circuit Rhythm How To Make Your First Beat

A beginners guide video on how to make your first beat on the Novation Circuit Rhythm. The Circuit Rhythm is a $400 portable sampler/groove box made by Novation. I'll demonstrate how to use it step by step.

get it here

0:00 intro performance & overview
0:35 loading samples & components software
6:14 the UI functionality
7:39 setting up drum pad mode
9:41 tempo & swing
10:30 using the step sequencer
11:23 deleting stuff
11:58 live recording tips
12:11 setting up a click track
12:51 recording a pattern

DJ Ave McRee

LANDR Chromatic | Output Arcade Has Real Competition!

LANDR Chromatic is a sampler based VST plugin that's free to use! Output Arcade has real competition in the subscription based sampler service! Unlike Output Arcade, you're not forced into entering your credit card to use it! However, there's a paid version that gives you unlimited samples, loops, or what LANDR calls "sets". I'll demonstrate how to use it & give you some tips. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

get it here (you can actually use it for free!)

my MIDI keyboard with all the tricks

DJ Ave McRee

LANDR Chromatic Beat making, First Impressions, & Thoughts

I'm checking out LANDR's Chromatic VST Plugin. Which is a subscription based VST plugin that helps you create music according to you mood.. It's free for 30 days

get it here (you can actually use it for free!)

0:00 intro beats
10:12 chat roll call
17:31 what's Chromatic
22:27 Chromatic intro reaction
26:42 previewing sounds
29:58 cooking up first beat (trap)
55:06 finished beat 1
58:45 cooking up 2nd beat (boombap)
1:27:44 finished beat 2
1:35:43 impressions, thoughts, & competition
1:43:59 chromatic & FL Studio workflow tips

DJ Ave McRee

Arturia Pigments Master Class! 3.5 VST UPDATE!

Arturia Pigments is a polychrome VST synth for both Windows & MacOSX! This is a master class stream (with chapters). Ask questions in the chat and the comments below! I'll show you how it works & make sounds

get it here
or check out if you get a lower discount here

my laptop
or this config

0:00 intro & shout outs
9:36 what is Arturia Pigments
12:37 what are engines??
13:48 analog engine

DJ Ave McRee

Arturia's Free Lofi VST Plugin!! Tape Mello-Fi

Arturia has a free lofi plugin called "Tape Mello-Fi". It's an emulation of the the Mellotron tape effect. So, it's sort of a different take from what's on the market right now! It works on both Windows & MacOSX (and in all DAW's). Tape Mello only free during the holiday season. So you need to hurry up and get it before December 31, 2021! I'll demonstrate it on one of my boom bap beats. Let me know how you feel about it?

get it here

0:00 intro
0:33 preset tour
2:40 UI features
3:21 preamp module

DJ Ave McRee

5 Free VST Plugins That Don't Suck! Synths[Audio Examples]

This video's about the best free VST synths plugins (for both Windows & Apple MacOSX) that don't suck! I'm tired of people recommending free plugins they only use for one video! All these VST's are good for any genre of music & one for a limited time (the Kontakt 25 expansion deal will be over 1/1/2022!). So hurry up and scoop that before it's too late. Otherwise, you'll find much joy in using these plugins. No matter what style of music you make. If I missed out on one. Please leave a comment on what free synth plugins I should check out soon.

DJ Ave McRee

AKAI MPC LIVE Beatmaking Labyrinth Expansion & CMP Vices Sampling

Labyrinth is a key group expansion for the AKAI MPC Live 2, Live, X, ONE, Studio, & software. I'll preview the sound & do some beat making. Also, I'll preview CMP's "Vices" sample pack & make some heat with it too. AKAI still has a sale on their expansion until the end of December 2021. So hurry up and check it out. Let me know how you feel about these sounds in the comment section.

get it here

check out my favorite MPC expansions video here

Check out CMP's "Vices" sample pack here

DJ Ave McRee