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Just got word that Apple has a plan so that users can get 4TB of #icoudstorage The question is, is it worth the price??

LINK TO ARTICLE: https://9to5mac.com/2020/10/30/apple-...

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Tha Bizness

Platinum Producer Stories | Platinum Producer Bundle 2020

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I wanted to get real for second...

Do you struggle to get your music heard or make a livable income from music production?

The truth is if you do, you're far from the only one.

Most producers are in the same boat... including me when I started out.
That's why I wanted to talk a little more about how you, as an upcoming producer, can not only survive, but thrive in today’s music industry.

I actually recorded a video for you about it...

Anno Domini Nation

Internet Money Do ASMR with Bubble Wrap, Talk "B4 The Storm", Producing & More | Mind Massage | Fuse

The all star producing duo behind "B4 The Storm", "Blast Off" & "Lemonade" use their "inside voice" to give you the ultimate brain tingles, while experimenting with bubble wrap, fruit, fizzy drinks and much more!
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Your favorite rappers, singers, actors and more all give ASMR a try. All the tingles just for you!

Check out more of FuseTV here:


Taz Taylor

60-SECOND REVIEW EP. 6 - This beat was confusing...

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60-SECOND REVIEW is a free weekly music review series, hosted by Kato On The Track. Kato reviews 60-seconds of a song or beat, and gives it a 1-10 score. No fluff, no filter.

It's free to submit, just join the 60-Second e-mail list below and we'll let you know when and where to submit your music every month for a chance to get reviewed on Kato's YouTube and Instagram.

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Murda Beatz Gambling & Playing XBox During Pandemic | HNHH's In My Bag (Quarantine Edition)

Murda Beatz stepped up to shoot a special Quarantine Edition of our original series "In My Bag," where he unpacks what he typically carries around with him. While he may not be travelling as much as he used to, Murda still makes sure he carries the necessities with him - or what he deems to be necessities - from his laptop to his babyface interface, to cologne, white & black and tees, and of course, a massive stack of cash. As far as the cash goes, Murda says he's been spending a lot of his downtime during the pandemic gambling and playing Xbox.

Murda Beatz

MPC Live II & MPC Beats Software from Start To Finish! Q&A

Live stream making music using the MPC Live II and MPC Software. Talking live about different things happening in music and future plans.

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DJ Ave McRee

Is Spotify CEO Destroying The Music Industry?

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek doesn't want artists to get paid and he said so in a recent interview. At least that's what our music community has been saying based on a few statements that were recently made in an interview with Music Ally. In this video I discuss my opinions on the state of streaming and what needs to be done to rise up as a community.

Check out the full interview referenced here: https://musically.com/2020/07/30/spot...

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Adam Ivy

Selling Beats Online in 2020: Making Beats That Sell

Why do some producers sell more beats than others? Selling beats online is a mixture of marketing, creativity and more. What kinds of beats sell the most? What do top selling producers do to promote their beats? BubbaGotBeatz talks making over $100,000 off one beat, marketing beats online through Youtube and Beatstars, and why his beats sell.

#beatstars #sellingbeatsonline #sellingbeats

DJ Pain 1

My Producer Story (How To Sell Beats in 2020)

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Growing up in a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town in Germany, I honestly never dreamed that one day I’d wind up living on to the other side of the world, having traveled to over fifty countries and built a multi-million dollar real estate empire…

All off the back of making music…

The truth is, I had pretty modest plans for my life back then.

My intention was to get an education, find a job and settle down, just like everyone else…

But everything changed one day back in 2003 when I was in college.

Anno Domini Nation