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Bandzoogle VS BeatStars | Which is Better For Music Producers?

A video about which is the better online beat store for producers (Bandzoogle vs Beatstars). I talk about both companies advantages and disadvantages. I'm a member of both communities but they could learn a lot from each other. Neither platform is perfect!

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DJ Ave McRee

The Real Truth About The XO Tour Llif3 Beat | JW Lucas is A LIAR | Proof

This video is about the real truth about the "XO Tour Llif3" beat! JW Lucas is lying on TM88 after he gave him credit and publishing. JW is calling himself "making a community" of producers. He's really trying to hustle people out of their royalities and even end peoples careers. He's threaten my life on multiple occasions because I know the whole truth. He steals people music, ideas, etc and takes full credit! The Producer Grind interview is just a taste of his manipulative ways! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

The receipts (the proof)
All the sources used in this video

DJ Ave McRee

Don't Steal Beats or This Will Happen - How to Protect Your Beats from Being Stolen

Rappers and Producers must watch this: Stealing beats can lead to serious consequences, and here's proof. If your beats or songs get stolen, you have rights and you can fight back. There's nothing stopping a thief, but the more we respect each other and ourselves, the more we all succeed.

DJ Pain 1

The Official S1 Assembly Teaser

This is just a teaser for The S1 Assembly!

2X Grammy Winning Producer Symbolyc One “S1” presents The S1 Assembly.

S1 and his team have put together an awesome event for S1 to share valuable career/life practices, industry insights, and music tips based on his experience.

Slots are limited to 25-30 aspiring (Producers, Songwriter, Engineers, Managers and Recording Artist)


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Superstar O

London On Da Track On Gives Everyday Advice | Lollapalooza 2018

Watch the ATL producer give relationship advice to festivalgoers at Lollapalooza 2018.

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London on da track

Splice Responds! | An Update On The Splice Situation | Lex Luger, Kbeazy,

An update video on the Splice situation. Splice responds by taking my sounds out the kit. They're also giving Traptendo the opportunity to work on exclusive kits and sound packs. Lil Mister lied to me in a dm about stealing sounds and re-selling them. Then he tried to lie to Ocean Veau about it and then admitted it! Many people told me (with proof) that Kbeazy gives away other peoples sounds for subs and views! I'm all for giving back to the community but do it the right way with stuff you created from scratch.

DJ Ave McRee

20 Gigabytes of Beats for $29.99

Until midnight on Monday, 30th of July you can get my entire 20 Gigabytes of Beats for just $29.99 !

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Anno Domini Nation

Paypal Chargebacks | How To Win Every Dispute

This is how you win PayPal Chargebacks in three easy steps. As creators and business owners the last thing we want to worry about is being ripped off after the sale. Unfortunately this happens all too often and what's even worse is that in most cases PayPal sides with the scammer who stole your hard earned money from you. It's time to finally put a stop to this. I've been ripped off in the past and like so many others I was the victim of fraud via the PayPal Chargeback system.

Adam Ivy