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Did CashMoneyAP "Steal" a Pop Smoke Placement?

A video about the CashMoneyAP vs Wylo. Cash Money "allegedly" stole a sample or melody for the Pop Smoke placement from Wylo. I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Why sample loop makers get screwed over

Finally a real explanation of the various pros and cons of selling sample loops "royalty free" vs "master clearance".

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I Will Never Manage a Producer or Rapper Again (MEC Podcast 53)

When should an artist get a manager? What makes a good manage? We have some answers, however, neither Dame nor I will ever manage another artist and here's why. Also, why does Dame have so many Funk Volume trolls?

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DJ Pain 1

How To Stop Failing In Your Music Career

Most people talk about wanting to do music full time and how their music career is just getting started, but then crash and burn and ultimately give up. No one wants to be told that they won't make it, but all too often their actions show the writing on the wall. If you want to build a successful music career and really find your stride in the music business you're going to have to come to terms with a few things and see things for how they really are. Unfortunately most are too afraid to do this.

Adam Ivy

How I Take Instagram Photos Alone | You Can Too!

Creating quality photos for Instagram doesn't have to be expensive or require you to hire a professional photographer. You can grow your Instagram following fast by understanding how to take self portraits that will have people thinking you have an in house camera crew. In this video I show you in real time how I take photos of myself for social media and how in very little time you can start doing the same. Oh...one more thing...I did all of these using a six year old phone.

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How To Grow A Consistent Following On Instagram | Proof This Works!

Growing a following on Instagram is easier than ever before if you understand the process. Building a fan base from scratch and growing an account by over 1,000 new followers in a short period of time isn't as hard as you might think. Some people like to say that Instagram is broken or that you can't grow without paying to promote your content so we set out to debunk that myth. In this video we show real life results and what's possible in less than a week organically when you apply our growth strategy.

Adam Ivy

You Aren't Getting Paid When Your Beats Stream?!

Many producers aren't getting paid this streaming royalty from Spotify, Apple Music and More. Why? Watch now, and sign up for a discounted Distrokid account to make sure you're getting paid your royalties here: http://distrokid.com/vip/DJPain1

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The real secret to earning MILLIONS of dollars | Illmind

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Breathe New Life Into Your Instagram

What should you post on Instagram when you run out of new content, but still want to grow your following?

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6ix9ine Vs. Billboard: Who TF Cares? (MEC Podcast 48)

6ix9ine claims Billboard is allowing the labels to cheat the system and rank Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande above him. But should we care? Also, is there ANY common sense left in the music business?

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