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Why Your Fanbase Isn't Growing | How To Fix It

Ever wonder "Why aren't I growing on Instagram?" when you follow the strategies and tactics that you see others finding success with? It's frustrating when want to grow a fanbase and your goal is to do music full time, but even after putting in hours of work each week your numbers stay the same. No new followers. No increase in engagement. No one is listening. I say this because it's a common problem that I see almost daily and it almost always is because of one main issue that most don't ever think about.

Adam Ivy

How Much Should Exclusive Beats Cost: Selling Beats Online (MEC Podcast)

When you're selling beats online, you're likely leasing beats. But what if somebody wants you to sell them an exclusive beat? Dame asks me and Leaux Fi what we think and how we negotiate prices in the music business.

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00:00 - Intro
01:16 - Clubhouse App
03:55 - Major Label Conversations are Lacking
11:47 - What's Your Budget? Negotiating Prices
14:50 - How Much for an Exclusive Beat?
22:24 - Why You Shouldn't Sell Exclusive Beats
26:26 - Internet Producers Have an Advantage

DJ Pain 1

You're Running Out Of Time | Avoid 2020 Failure

Now is the time to go all in and take the leap into your future.
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Adam Ivy

Magnetic Music Marketing | Sell Music Masterclass 2.0 Q&A

I've had a lot of fun putting together this six part series on Magnetic Music Marketing and my upcoming Sell Music Masterclass 2.0. Over the past couple of weeks I've received hundreds of emails and messages with questions about the upcoming enrollment and with many of the questions being very similar, I decided to answer the most common questions in a video so that I could provide clarity to everyone in one place.

Adam Ivy

How Music Marketing Will Change Your Life | Go Full Time In Less Time

Music Marketing is the difference between just making music verses making music your full time career. Good music alone won't get you far these days and unfortunately most people think they're marketing when unfortunately they don't really understand how marketing works within the music industry. In this video I break down the entire plan. How music marketing works and the systems needed to make it work for you. This video explains everything from setting up to building a business around your music to scaling it for long term success.

Adam Ivy

Having trouble getting placements? Here are my tips & tricks to working with big artists

Are you curious how to get more placements as a producer?

Everyone is, so today I break down some tips and tricks for how you can start to work with the more mainstream artists. It is still tough to navigate but these strategies will help think about it in a different way.

I've been lucky enough to work with 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Young Dolph, Tink, TNT, Sprite, and many more over my career using these tips and tricks.

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How To Build A Fanbase Fast | 2,000 Fans In 60 Days

Figuring out how to build a fanbase can be discouraging when you're just starting your music career. Growing a following for your music while implementing music marketing systems is key when it comes to being able to do music full time. In this video I share my proven system to show how to gain 2,000 new fans and followers in 60 days. This is one video you'll want to save and watch start to finish.

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Adam Ivy

How To Get Quality Followers That Become Fans | That Actually Engage!

Knowing how to get quality followers that become fans takes more than posting regularly and using hashtags. Growing a fan base requires a strategy if you want your following to actually care about what you're doing. Not all followers are created equal and until they become a fan you will lack engagement and a true connection with your audience. The good news is that over the years I've created what I call my Value Follow Formula which has given me the framework to grow my audience organically to over 400k across all platforms. It's time for you to utilize my formula to do the same.

Adam Ivy

How To Market Your Music In 2020 into 2021 | Start NOW...My Secret Strategy

My secret strategy for how to market your music in 2021 starts with forgetting everything they've been trying to tell you about Traditional Music Marketing. Sorry to break it to you, but It's dead. It simply doesn't work anymore. It's just a way for these "industry gurus" to keep you from becoming their competition. In my opinion the absolute best way to rapidly build your music career is by using Magnetic Music Marketing. Also known as my M3 Framework.

Adam Ivy

Music Career Mental Health Check | 2020 Has Done Damage

We need a music career mental health check. 2020 has been challenging for most of us to say the least in one way or another, but as the days pass we can't help but to let our optimism slip away...even if just for a moment. You might feel a lack of energy or feel as if your passion for music that you once had is nowhere to be found these days, but are you damaged goods now or overlooking the cause of why we're feeling this way? Is this the new normal or can we "snap out of it" or neither? Recently I found myself really struggling with all of these thoughts and decided to turn the camera on.

Adam Ivy