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Producer Knowledge: How CashMoneyAp's YouTube Channel Blew Up - Selling Beats Online 2018

CashMoneyAP reveals how he grew his YouTube following, including tips on fan interaction, single-keyword domination and basically not having a social life.

Excerpt from 2018 SXSW/Beatstars panel.

DJ Pain 1

Abe Batshon, CashMoneyAp and more | Making A Living Selling Beats Online | SXSW 2018

Speakers: Abe Batshon, CashMoneyAp, DJ Pain 1, Kato

Millions of Recording artists are born ever year around the world and original high quality music production is in very high demand for content creators to legally license music for their projects. Hear from some of the internets most successful music producers in the world as they share their experiences as digital music entrepreneurs. Speakers discuss how the internet has provided the ability to directly connect with fans and collaborators and to monetize their beats in so many different ways.

DJ Pain 1

Young Guru | Music Tech: A Gateway to Awaken America's Youth | SXSW 2018

Young Guru , Rodney Sampson

Music Tech: A Gateway to Awaken America's Youth

Young Guru

Best of RMC: Cool and Dre Speak on Paying Their Dues

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Cool & Dre

Jimmy Douglass Lecture (Seattle 2005) | Red Bull Music Academy

Jimmy Douglass actually commenced his studio career while still attending high school, securing a job as a tape duplicator/editor at the Atlantic Records facility in New York. There he was able to observe legendary figures such as Tom Dowd, Jerry Wexler and Arif Mardin apply their skills to some now-historic recordings. Not a bad education for a novice. During the studio's downtime he also taught himself how to work the custom-made 16-channel console. What's more, when Douglass asked Wexler if he could use the facility to demo a band that he'd discovered, he was given the green light.

Jimmy Douglass

New Tech in Hip Hop Panel at NAMM 2017

Hip hop artists/producers Dready, FKi 1st, Che Pope, Trevor Lawrence Jr., and DiViNCi joined us at NAMM 2017 to talk about music production, new tech, and the past, present and future of hip hop and it's influence on popular culture.



Mike WiLL Made-It Lecture (Montréal 2016) | Red Bull Music Academy

Mike WiLL Made-It’s unmistakable producer tag has graced some of pop and southern rap’s most ubiquitous hits in recent years. The Atlanta-born Michael Williams’ journey began with a gift from his father, a Korg ES-1 sampler, followed by his first break: producing for hometown hero Gucci Mane. Since then, he’s founded the EarsDrummers Entertainment company, home to rappers and producers, and helped maintain Atlanta’s status as the unquestioned epicentre of modern day hip-hop.

Mike Will Made It

DJ Drama & Don Cannon Lecture (Atlanta 2016) | Red Bull Music Academy

DJ Drama and Don Cannon are mixtape gods, taking the format to new heights in Atlanta with an illustrious crew of collaborators like Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne and many more. The duo made an empire out of mixtapes, leading to an infamous visit by the police to their HQ in 2007. In this lecture at RBMA Radio: Live in Atlanta, the duo talk with Rollie Pemberton about their incredible moment in the mid-’00s as well as what happened next.

DJ Don Cannon

Young Thug Engineer Alex Tumay Lecture (Montréal 2016) | Red Bull Music Academy

Nobody knows prolific and mercurial Atlanta rapper Young Thug quite like audio engineer Alex Tumay. The Queens, NY, native has been the only professional able to keep up with the talented rapper, harnessing his abilities on the Slime Season trilogy of mixtapes, I’m Up and JEFFERY. An unheralded yet essential presence on a number of pivotal Atlanta hip-hop albums, Tumay has also worked with Travis Scott on Rodeo and lent his ear to the track “Highlights” from Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

Alex Tumay