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Sending beats to labels or leasing beats online? (Curtiss King pt 3)

Do you prefer leasing beats online or chasing industry placements? Curtiss King shares his thoughts and DJ Pain 1 explains how he made a huge career mistake with Lil B in this exclusive Beatstars.com interview.

DJ Pain 1

Mike Will Made It Talks 'Ransom 2' & more at SXSW 2017

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Mike Will Made It

Should producers stop chasing placements and make albums? (Keyboard Kid 206 pt 2)

Lil B's producer Keyboard Kid 206 discusses his choice to release full albums rather than shopping beats and how building a cult following is what he did with Basedworld.

DJ Pain 1

How can you make money on YouTube as a musician? | #AskAD 5

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QOTD: How can you make money on YouTube as a musician?

There are many different ways in which you can make money with your music on YouTube. If you're a musician and don't yet have a YouTube channel, I would urge you to set one up right away. It's the single biggest tool for music discovery, music promotion, marketing and sales in the world today. So if you don't have a YouTube channel, you're missing out in a major way.

Anno Domini Nation

Leasing beats VS major placements? (Curtiss King Interview pt. 2)

Does leasing beats online hurt your chances of getting major placements? Can producers make money without industry placements? Curtiss King answers these questions and more.

DJ Pain 1

Junkie XL - Studio Talk w/Armin Van Buuren

An old friend decided to stop by the studio for a catch up...




Junkie XL

Ether Producer Ron Browz Puts "Ether" and "Shether" in His Top 5 Diss Tracks

Ron Browz is the producer behind Nas' "Ether," a 2001 track considered by many to be one of the best disses of all time. More than 15 years later, and Browz will get credit for another all-time great diss--Remy Ma's "Shether." Here, Ron Browz talks hearing Remy's diss for the first time, his top 5 diss tracks ever, and whether or not Nicki Minaj should respond. Watch above.

Ron Browz

Stevie J on Relationship with MiMi; Selling Millions of Records; Raising 6 Kids

Thisis50 x Ashlee Ray interview Stevie J

Stevie J on Relationship with MiMi; Selling Millions of Records; Raising 6 Kids

Stevie J

Should producers follow trends? Inventing Lil B's sound? Advice from Soulja Boy?

The producer behind Lil B's unique sound, Keyboard Kid 206, talks being different, social media advice he got from Soulja Boy, and changing the game with Based World, courtesy of Beatstars.

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DJ Pain 1

Sonny Digital & Quez Discuss The Black Goat w/ The Progress Report

When Sonny Digital isn’t busy creating number 1 hits for Future, 2 Chainz or 21 Savage, he is in the booth spitting lyrics. He and 1/3 of Travis Porter, Quez AKA Black Boe joined forces for a collab project, The Black Goat, set to release March 5th which is also Sonny Digital’s birthday.

In a exclusive interview with Lalaa Shepard and The Progress Report, the 2 musicians break down The Black Goat, its meaning, their longtime relationship & chemistry and preview a snippet of their single “Last Year”.

Sonny Digital