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My First Beat Breakdown

My first beat Breakdown!! Comment any questions as well as the next placement you want to see me breakdown!!

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Ayo The Producer

The Making Of J. Cole's "MIDDLE CHILD" With T-Minus | Deconstructed

J. Cole’s “MIDDLE CHILD” marked his first release of 2019, reuniting the North Carolina MC with producer T-Minus. On the track, Cole explores his place between the old and new generations of hip-hop, making him the “middle child” of rap. The song samples “Wake Up to Me” by ‘70s Philadelphia trio First Choice, and is the Dreamville boss’ highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 hit to date, peaking at No. 4 on the chart. T-Minus recently sat down with Genius to break down how “MIDDLE CHILD” was made.

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Rhythm Roulette: Maaly Raw | Mass Appeal

“I can kinda hear anyone rapping on this one right here.”
Maaly Raw tried his hand at Mass Appeal’s famed #RhythmRoulette challenge. After strolling through New York City’s Good Records and selecting three albums at random, the Philly trap producer behind Lil Uzi Vert’s “Do What I Want” chops up a few beats on the spot. Utilizing the soundtrack to 1983's ‘The Big Chill’, John Cougar Mellencamp’s ‘Scarecrow’, and Oscar Peterson’s 'Put On A Happy Face' the young producer locks in and delivers three unique beats. How’d he do?

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Maaly Raw

Making a Soulful Hip Hop Beat from Scratch (Making an Old School Hip Hop Beat)

Making a Wu-Tang type beat beat using a soul sample.

Making a Soulful Hip Hop Beat from Scratch (Making an Old School Hip Hop Beat)

DJ Pain 1

Chase N. Cashe x Rascal Making a Beat

Producers Chase N. Cashe from New Orleans and Rascal from Germany connect at Truth Studios to make beats for a full day at the studio. 6 beats (and videos) were made, this is the first of them all.

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Redhooknoodles Making Hard Scary Dark Evil Hip-Hop {Rap} Beat Instrumental 2018

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Woke up and started making a beat, I finished this and pulled out my camera to show the creation! Let me know if you want me to release the full version of this hip-hop instrumental. This beat has a scary type feel to it. More beats coming soon! BTW IM ON SPOTIFY!! TYPE IN REDHOOKNOODLES AND CLICK A PLAYLIST OF MY BEATS AND LISTEN ALL DAY! PEACE!

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Redhooknoodles Beats

Making A Dark Trap Beat With Altered Beast | Sampling The Sega Genesis + Push 2

A making a dark trap beat video using samples from Altered Beast Sega Genesis game. It was the first Sega Genesis game I played. Probably the biggest reasons I love music so much (and I'm a Nintendo fanboy). The Sega Genesis (or called the Mega Drive out the US) used a PCM chip (for small samples) and the YM2612 (a four operator FM synthesis chip like the Yamaha DX7). It had a totally different sound than the SNES (which used the Sony S-SMP sampler chip).

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stuff used in this beat

drum kit

DJ Ave McRee