10 Reasons why SoundClick is a bad website for selling beats online

Is SoundClick dead?

Within the online musician’s community, SoundClick.com is a widespread choice for selling beats and songs. The website, set up in 1997, has over 4 million registered users and 500,000 band accounts.

3 Common Myths About Selling Beats Online

Having spent almost a decade in the beat game, it still surprises me how many new producers seem to hold the same misconceptions when it comes to selling beats online. Here’s a list of the 3 most common ones that come up again and again and a few useful tips to get you started with your beat selling career:

3 techniques to make your basslines more interesting from famous bass player Freddie Washington.

This is a series about famous bass players and their approach to rhythm and groove. We’ll look at some excerpts from interviews and the key takeaways producers can start applying to their own basslines immediately. The format will start with the key takeaway and then the quote from Washington below.

“Ready” Freddie Washington is an American session bassist who has played with Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Patrice Rushen, Stevie Wonder, BB King, and Aaliyah to name a few. Here are two tracks Washington played bass on you may recognize:

5 Tips On Getting A Label, Sponsor, Or Booking Agent

1. Treat it Like a Job Application
I can’t stress this point enough. If you want to get the right sponsor, label, agent, etc., you have to treat the process like you would for a high-end job. You wouldn’t send a generic cover letter filled with typo’s and grammatical errors or an incomplete resume would you? It seems basic but nearly 70% of the submissions I receive lack some of the basics – at least 20% forgot to include the band’s name or a link to the website.

A Musician's Introduction to Copyright

Copyright is an important topic for every musician that is serious about his work. It is also a dangerous topic to comment on. Firstly, it is a confusing web of legal issues that keeps many lawyers employed - and I am not a lawyer. And secondly, copyright law varies from country to country - though many countries have now standardized. So don't take this article as legal advice. Hopefully it will offer sensible advice to musicians in most countries. I advise you to do some research of your own, and consider paying someone qualified for some real legal advice.


When you made the decision to become apart of the music industry, you might have thought it’d be a cakewalk, but unfortunately its more akin to a roller coaster ride. Often times musicians are fighting an uphill battle for exposure and recognition as they try to figure out ways to market themselves online and offline. Social media, smartphones, and the plethora of information on the internet can further complicate things. There are simply too few hours in the day to accomplish it all!


Every day the music world evolves, nowadays less people buy physical CD albums, LP’s or Mixtapes, now everything is online, “in the cloud”.

If in 2004 where sold 30 billion audio discs, with a raise of almost 200 billion in 2007, today the audio cd sales dropped with 70% compared with 2007, and it’s still dropping compared with online sales.

These online stores are more accessible to people from around the world and with less costs compared with the Audio CD market.


Distributors are responsible for selling, positioning and marketing a record label's or artist's music with any outlet where music fans buy music including traditional retailers, online download services, online subscription based services, ringtone providers and mobile downloads.

Drum Programming Tips: How to make your drums sound “Live”

Nowadays it’s easy to create a quick drum loop with all the different programs available (Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio etc). Within a few seconds you can click and drag any drum pattern you got in mind. The only “problem” is that most of the time the drums sound computerized and don’t got that human live feel/sound to it. Instead of having that bounce/groove it just sounds real static.

Fortunately there are a bunch of ways to (re-)create that feel/sound or at least make it sound as live as possible, just by using your ears and spending some extra time on your drum programming.


Worst thing that can happen to you as a producer is to realize that one or more of your beats have been transformed in a new product and used in commercial or non-commercial applications, without your knowledge or approval.

Your beat was practically stolen!

2 Ways your instrumentals can be stolen:

a) With a software that can download the beat directly from instrumental selling websites, beat stores or youtube. (many times after listening to a beat the mp3 file will remain in the browsers cache folder and can be simply copied without the need of additional software.

How I use ReverbNation for selling beats

If you’re tired of low exposure and dusty promotion I think it’s time you should consider some new alternatives when it comes to user friendly platforms destined for music. Personally, I tried everything to boost my music and become a relevant figure at least on a music pub but unfortunately most of them didn’t fulfill my expectations.

How To Build a Blog/Website To Sell More Beats

Building a blog/site is a great way to increase your exposure by adding another outlet to your portfolio to potentially make money selling your beats. This can be a back up to your Soundclick.com page & MyflashStore.net account, just in case anything ever goes wrong over there. The most inexpensive route you can go about doing this is building the blog/site yourself. This is not too complicated but will require some time if you are an absolute beginner when it comes to web design or HTML.

How To Build Relationships Online Selling Beats

How To Build Relationships Online Selling Beats: Something you must do when preparing to start selling beats online is learn how to build relationships with potential clients. One of the best ways to do this is through social media. Twitter I find is one of the top places if not the top place to build relationships with potential customers who will buy your beats. In this article I’m going to give you all the techniques I use to build relationships on twitter and tell you exactly why they work.

How To Find a Graphic Designer To Create a Customized Soundclick.com Page

It’s time to get you a customized Soundclick.com page. Here are some ways you can get this done. You can get this completely outsourced by someone who knows how to do graphic designs. This technique I recommend highly, because it’s quick and it can be done pretty cheap. You can easily get this done on sites like Elance.com. On Elance.com they allow you to make a posting for a job, give a description about how you want it and enter a budget on how much you want to spend.

How To Get Your Music Heard

It’s about time for me to tell you a bit about marketing your music. Specifically what NOT to do and why.

Take your time and shine

Is your music as good as it can be? Are you 100% happy with your songs? If not, you better think twice if you should start spreading the word around. Because once the word is out, it’s out. First impressions only come once and if that fails, it’s just no good. So listen to your tracks, give them some thought and maybe get a few opinions elsewhere before doing anything.