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Young Chop Shares His 5 Go-To Sounds | LANDR

Drill music pioneer Young Chop (Chief Keef, Future, Juicy J producer) shares his 5 Go-To samples, why they’re good and how he uses them in his productions. Get all his Go-To sounds and his entire pack exclusively on LANDR Samples:

Get Young Chop’s sounds: https://bit.ly/3ah8MT6

0:12 MysteryMachine_keyGmin_150bpm.wav - https://bit.ly/2Uc7xz1
0:36 ElChopo Hihat (7).wav - https://bit.ly/2wnnucR
0:52 ElChopo Clap (16).wav - https://bit.ly/2QI7A3E
1:05 ElChopo Snare (5).wav - https://bit.ly/2Udxe29
1:20 ElChopo 808 1 (17)_C.wav - https://bit.ly/2WyNaOh

Bonus sounds:

2:02 ElChopo Kick (5).wav - https://bit.ly/3aeWIls
3:31 ElChopo Perc (2).wav - https://bit.ly/2Uc2JJU

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Young Chop