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Use Velocity To Make Dynamic Sylenth Patches (Sylenth Tutorial) - JuicyDrumKits.com

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One problem a lot of producers have is stale and boring synth patches. I find this to be a huge issue among beginning trap producers. The repetitive nature of trap beats calls for exciting synth sounds to keep the beats energetic. Synthesizer sounds will sound very simple, if the patch you're using does not have any modulation. This tutorial will show you how to utilize velocity to create dynamic Sylenth patches. Real instruments like guitars, pianos, flutes, and xylophones sound different than synth sounds because of their dynamic nature. Let's focus on the piano for example. When a pianist performs a song on the piano, their performance is not perfect. The performer has a unique timing and swing to his notes. His piano is not perfectly tuned. Listeners may hear unintended noises like a creak of the piano bench or their nails hitting the keys as they play. However, these imperfections are acceptable because we are human. We don't like hearing perfect instruments that sound the same every time. Small variations in instrument performance are sonically pleasing.