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Taz Taylor of Internet Money Reacts to 3 Songs, Talks Lemonade Success (1on1 Interview)

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Next up from our LA trip is our 1on1 interview with Internet Money record label founder and producer, Taz Taylor. Now known as the mastermind behind the hip hop producer super-collective, Taz Taylor found himself needing to make extra money while his mother battled cancer. After selling his first beat online for $250 and dropping out of the 7th grade, Taz quickly dove into producing full-time. While he began re-investing his money into making a home studio, he simultaneously grew himself a presence on social media. Taz started selling his type beats online, eventually catching the attention of big names like Desiigner, Lil Tecca, A Boogie, XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd, Lil Baby, Rich the Kid + more. Today he runs Internet Money with co-founder and producer, Nick Mira, and oversees his artists TyFontaine, Lil Spirit, Iann Dior, along with many producers such as Cxdy. We met up with Taz Taylor in the iconic Internet Money house / mansion to discuss his beginnings as a graphic designer, feeling misunderstood from hip hop Youtubers online, actually liking some Youtubers like Yadiiiigg, Patrickcc, and Bobbalam, what he looks for in signing a new artist, his advice for kids who want to work in the music industry at 16 years old, and wanting to work with Drake, Post Malone and Travis Scott. We spent a lot of time talking about his new Internet Money album, B4 The Storm, and how he had to scramble to make 5 new songs the night before the album release. We also got him to react to songs by 3 artists, Kaycyy Pluto, Jugger, and Lancey Foux. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver Canada. Enjoy!

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1:19 - Starting his career doing graphic design
2:27 - COVID ruining an Internet Money festival
3:15 - How did Taz manage his money as a teenager?
4:20 - The label making him make 5 songs the night before the Internet Money album release
5:53 - Responding to critics to have made hate videos on him
7:03 - Which hip hop channels does he actually like?
8:34 - Taz reacts to 3 underground artists I show him (Kaycyy Pluto, Jugger, Lancey Foux)
11:45 - You’re 16 and you want to get in the music industry, what’s the first thing you do?
13:03 - Do Drake, Travis Scott, and Kanye know about Internet Money yet?
14:19 - Did Don Toliver. Gunna, or NAV hit up Taz after Lemonade blew up?
15:11 - For his next album, who’s 3 artists he’s trying to get on it
16:46 - Credits + info on new video next week…

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