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SuperStar O Shows How Producers Can Grow on Twitch, Mindset For Success + More

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Have you ever thought about how Twitch could be an exciting platform to show off your beat making skills? I’m sure you will after this episode.

Please help me welcome my guest for today - the incredible SuperStar O!

As many of you know, SuperStar O is a multi-platinum international music producer and songwriter. He’s been selling beats for over a decade and making them since the days of MySpace.

Besides his work as a music producer, he’s also a very ambitious entrepreneur. In the music industry, his main focus is on selling kits and industry placements.

On top of that, he’s just an unbelievably good dude, and I’m so glad to have him on the show!

I couldn’t wait to pick his brain for ideas on marketing, business, and overall thoughts on how to grow as a producer. He’s always thinking up new ways to innovate and regularly outdoes himself with every new project.

One of the most exciting things about his journey is how he leveraged Twitch to grow his brand. We talked about the current state of the platform, the benefits of doing long-form streaming, and how it’s helped him develop a more intimate relationship with his community.

Also on this episode, we talk about why having the right mindset is key to success and discuss the most important factors for building momentum.

Key Takeaways:

- SuperStar O’s backstory and his journey in the music industry (1:12)
- His experience of selling music with SoundClick (4:54)
- Building a list and creating his own traffic (6:40)
- Why you need to innovate constantly (9:07)
- How SuperStar O use Twitch to grow his brand? (10:52)
- Don’t fixate on the numbers, do this instead… (13:46)
- SuperStar O’s insights about what performs well on Twitch for music producers (17:04)
- Why you should reinvest your earnings back into your community (examples) (21:40)
- The full breakdown of the Twitch business model for producers (23:08)
- How does SuperStar O come up with new ideas for his business? (27:41)
- Why you should never fear failure and embrace it instead (31:22)
- You gotta be in love with the journey (34:38)
- We can all benefit from having a side-hustle (38:33)
- Starting a CBD company (42:19)
- Secrets to developing a mindset for success (46:49)
- How to build momentum (53:47)
- Why is growing as part of a community so much easier (55:59)

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