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Southside 808 Mafia x ChehadeTheKing Smoke at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

ChehadeTheKing catches up with Southside, C.E.O. of 808 Mafia, at the Canna Health Caregivers “CHC” in L.A. They reflect on Waka Flocka’s success, the talented producers on 808 Mafia, and even touch on the time they made the transition from swishers to backwoods. Southside speaks about developing his own strain. “I’m going to try to do five exclusive ones with other artists.” More recently, Southside has been working closely with big names in hip-hop like Kanye West and Big Sean. When asked which record he’s most proud of, the humble producer says, “I ain’t proud of nothin’ I ain’t did yet man. Sky’s the limit . . . we got a lot more to do.”


808 Mafia
Southside Sizzle