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Sending Beats, Getting No Reply / Labels Don't Want Talent (MEC Pod 128)

When you're trying to sell beats or send out samples, but you don't get any replies, what do you do next? Should you continue messaging them or chill? Dame and Pain disagree. Also, do labels choose NOT to sign talent? Why do people continue to make the claim that labels aren't giving deals to talented musicians? Let's discuss.

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00:00 - Intro
00:32 - Erinn Did NOT Leave
02:28 - Labels Don't Sign Talent
05:57 - The Top Artists Have No Talent?
10:53 - Talent Won't Get You Signed
12:38 - Why Artists Fail and Fans Don't Care
22:20 - Independence Can be Bad
24:04 - Should You Pester People?
29:48 - You're Not Networking Right
34:25 - Pain Getting Rejected by Labels
36:34 - Dame Getting Rejected by Branding Partners
38:15 - People Won't Tell You No For This Reason

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