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S1 Talks Life Changing Producer Moments, Importance of Spirituality in Music Business + More

Interview with S1 (Symbolyc One) the 3x grammy award winning music producer from Dallas, TX. S1 has become a master at getting placements, including "Kanye West - Power", as well as records with Drake, Jay-Z, Madonna, Eminem & more.

S1 pulled up to our studio in ATL to drop some exclusive gems on the producer community. Of course we started with his come up story and his life changing moment when he found out Kanye West flew him out to Hawaii and wanted to use his beat for a song that we now know as "Power." He later signed to Kanye West's production team and started making beats for Very G.O.O.D. Beats & getting placements with superstars like Jay-Z & Beyonce.

One of our favorite topics was when S1 talked about how he came up with a plan to quit his job to be a producer full time and actually executed it and made it work. He talked about the importance of having a daily schedule and how much time a producer should be spending on their dream.

We also tapped into the spiritual side of S1 and how important maintaining his relationship with God has been to his journey. He warns that many people tend to only talk to god when things are bad and leave him out of the picture when things are going good, a concept that seems like common sense but takes real effort.

We are giving away 2 SIGNED COPIES of S1's new book PRAY, FOCUS, PLAN, EXECUTE!

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3:15 Producer Come Up Story
- Planting Seeds
- Relationship Building

8:22 Networking Failures
- Don't Skip Your Bootcamp Season

12:57 Kanye "Power" Placement
- Lessons From Kanye

20:14 When Should Producers Quit Their Job?

22:39 Having A Girlfriend/Wife and Producing
- Supporting

26:51 Being Productive vs. Busy
- Creating a Scheduling

31:08 God Rerouting S1 To Music
- Praying

37:13 Discouraging Moments
- When To Quit, When To Persevere

42:22 Signing To Kanye
- Playing Whack Beats In Front Of Him

48:45 DAW Talk
- Analog Gear Talk

1:01:10 Signing Producers and Building A Team

1:06:05 Dallas, TX Producer Culture
- Beat Battles

1:10:27 How To Network at Beat Battles
- Relationship Building

1:16:26 S1's new Book Pray.Focus.Plan.Execute Books
(1:21:42) Win A Signed Copy

1:19:27 Final Words of Encouragement

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