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Roland MV-1 Verselab! Sample Chopping, Importing, & Time Stretch Tutorial

Roland MV-1 Verselab sampling is a different process than any existing drum sampler groove box on the market. Here's a detailed guide on how to sample, import samples via a computer(good for your existing libraries, looping, & time stretching. Hopefully Roland will adjust the increments of the start & end points ( using shift + the value knob makes the process faster but not fast enough IMO). Overall, this groove box has it's strong suits in other areas.

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0:00​ intro
1:18​ basic setting & how to record a sample
4:53​ previewing & editing samples
7:22​ copying, chopping, choke groups, voices, & effects
14:15​ let's do a quick beat!
15:44​ importing sample via computer
17:56​ looper & time stretching
21:19​ What Roland needs to hear

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