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Rane ONE DJ Controller! A Hip Hop Mix Review

The Rane ONE is the first DJ controller geared towards Serato users. Hip Hop DJ's have begged companies to come out with a 2 channel controller. Rane enters the chat & gives us a high end (HIGH QUALITY) machine for the culture! However, is it exact what we wanted? Leave a comment below!

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A the beats used in this video were made on the AKAI MPC Live ii

check out my review here

0:00 quick DJ mix
2:51 quick intro
3:29 jogwheel exploring
4:18 price point
4:56 build quality
5:58 I/O
6:56 beat jugging & scratch test
8:12 jog wheel test, pads, pitch fader, etc
13:52 mixer features
16:56 mix input quality test
18:20 pro's & con's

(note: I forgot to include the footage of the front panel! Please forgive me)

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