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Pvlace 808 Mafia Live Q&A w/ Gunboi | CEO Morning Show #14

CEO Morning Show LIVE
We got Pvalce of 808 Mafia on the show today to do a live Q&A with the Producergrind community. We talked about being obsessed with making music as well as learning and perfecting your craft. We also talked about the Racks 2 Skinny migos placement, new splice kit with Southside, Pvlace.io & more

We also had a special guest appearance from Gunboi!

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02:26 Episode overview
02:54: Team Producergrind free sample pack
03:30 Pvlace joins the stream
06:07 Pvlace starting his own subscription service for samples
07:00 The importance of staying hungry to get better
08:48 Pvlace talks about being obsessed while still having a job
11:10 Q&A with Eugene: Pvlace on getting through submissions for producers looking to get signed, what Pvlace looks for when he is listening to samples
14:05 Q&A with Eddie: What books Dylan and Pvlace recommend
18:10 Pvlace’s advice for people looking to sell sample packs online
19:42 Q&A with Christian: What was the breakthrough thing that made Pvlace realize he was different and the most important thing when it comes to making melodies, rhythm in melodies
27:04 Q&A with Jrred: Advice on how to make money in music outside of placements, getting in contact with music directors in movies
31:18 Q&A with Chrizzy: Music scene in Germany for Pvlace and utilizing the power of your cellphone
34:50 Gunboi joins the chat: Selling beats online, chasing placements, music saturation, becoming an engineer and learning how to mix, kicks being dead in trap music
45:20 Q&A with Tone: The internet beat game, Pvlace’s go to plugins
54:00 Outro

808 Mafia