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Publishing Deals for Producers: Beatstars Publishing/Sony ATV

What is a publishing deal? How do producers get publishing deal? Beatstars Publishing was recently launched, a partnership with Sony ATV publishing, and many producers have questions about it. In this video, Will from Sony ATV and platinum producer Callan (Blueberry Faygo) explain publishing deals, how sampling affects publishing, and how Beatstars Publishing works.

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00:00 - Intro
02:18 - What Are Publishing Royalty Streams?
07:06 - Producers Are Songwriters!!!!
09:36 - Writer vs Publisher
15:33 - What's a Publishing Deal?
17:06 - Beatstars Publishing
19:15 - You NEED a Publisher
21:36 - Still Leasing Beats After Going Platinum
23:43 - How Callan Got His Deal
26:29 - Making Songs Through Zoom
28:34 - How Sony Works with Beatstars
29:42 - How Callan Built His Career
33:22 - Blueberry Faygo Took A Whole Year
35:07 - Publishing Advances
36:57 - Don't Register Your Beats
39:03 - Don't Spend Your Advance
40:37 - How to Complete a Publishing Deal
44:25 - Changing the Music Business
46:55 - What if Your Collaborator Isn't with a PRO?
51:10 - How Sampling Affects Publishing

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