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Owen Hill Jr. Making a Beat + Free Beat Giveaway 2013!!

Published on Sep 8, 2013
"Copyright 2013 Owen Hill Jr."

♫♪ Rules ♫♪ Giveaway is International ✈

1. You must THUMBS UP my video and be subscribed to my channel
2. Record your verse, hook, or full song
3. Upload your entry as a video response
4. Make sure your upload is titled "Owen Hill Jr. Beat Giveaway (Your Name)"
5. When sharing you must use the hashtag #OHJgiveaway

I will pick 2 winners, those 2 will be able to choose whatever beat they want from my beat store FREE of charge.

Good Luck!

* DOWNLOAD BEAT * https://soundcloud.com/owenhilljr/owe...

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Owen Hill Jr.