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Native Instrument Maschine +[Hip hop Producer Review]

A review video of Native Instruments (aka NI) first hardware standalone drum sampler called the "Maschine+" (Maschine Plus) from a hiphop producers prospect! Please note that I wasn't given this unit for free. So, I won't have any bias what so ever. NI shocked the world with this announcement a few weeks ago. Shaking up the hardware worldwide. Bringing their top tier synths & presets to your finger tips without a desktop or laptop. However, it wasn't without any sacrifices like not having full control of over sound design & lack of kontakt banks available (still possible in future firmware upgrade). As of this date, it doesn't support external hard drives. However, it has a superior real time stretching abilities that out shine most desktop apps! The price tag is a bit steep since it lacks a touchscreen, battery, & cv gate like it's direct competitors (AKAI Force, MPC Live ii, & MPC One) but it's not hindered by it. The workflow is a toss up (both good and bad imo). Lots of buttons but a crap ton of unnecessary shift functions too. How do you feel about this review? Please leave a comment below!

Pros: Great time stretch algorithm, function workflow, disk streaming!, sounds galore, quality build, and a lot of potential in firmware updates.

Cons: Some system crashing bugs, convoluted button layout, lack of I/O (though you can expand it via buying NI's audio interfaces), limited sound design options (can't save presets yet!), & price point!

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0:00 intro
0:38 time stretch test
2:17 build quality
3:16 audio interface I/O
4:52 start up time, synth engine, & workflow
7:11 CPU processor impressions
7:58 system crash bug
9:06 beats I made using it
10:21 workflow gripes & what NI needs to hear!
12:23 sampling, pad quality, & is a touch screen needed?
14:52 pro's & con's

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