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Mysto & Pizzi produce R. Kelly "Get Dirty" ft Chamillionaire

Whats good everyone, we're real excited to present to you the making of R. Kelly's "Get Dirty". This is our first Major placement ;) . The track features Chamillionaire and is on R. Kelly's brand new album "Double Up" which is officially out today. Its been a tough little journey gettin the track on the album but we finally made it. Its crazy how we grew up listening to R. Kelly, were heavely influenced by his many styles, and now finally came to a point in our budding career where we have placed a song on his album. With this video we are also launching our new blog website which is now @ http://www.mystoandpizzi.com . We have added a new subscribe feature to it so please make sure and go check that out and subscribe so you can recieve updates about our videos whenever we post them :) . Well enough said, go check out the video and leave us comments please...

P.S. The song is also available on iTunes, either search for it or check out our site for the link @ http://www.mystoandpizzi.com


Mysto and Pizzi