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My Producer Story (How To Sell Beats in 2020)

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Growing up in a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town in Germany, I honestly never dreamed that one day I’d wind up living on to the other side of the world, having traveled to over fifty countries and built a multi-million dollar real estate empire…

All off the back of making music…

The truth is, I had pretty modest plans for my life back then.

My intention was to get an education, find a job and settle down, just like everyone else…

But everything changed one day back in 2003 when I was in college.

I found myself bored between classes and decided to download some free beat-making software…

It wasn’t long before I was hooked!

And with all the spare time I had in between classes, I was making beats all day, every day and started posting them online for other people to listen to.

What happened next, I definitely did NOT expect…

Artists started messaging me asking to BUY my beats. So I started making deals and selling beats to them via direct messages.

Amazing! I mean… mind blown!

I was making money. Doing something I actually enjoyed.

Not enough to buy that Lamborghini just yet, but definitely more than I was expecting, which was a big, fat zero dollars!

So I dove into the rabbit hole of selling things online to see if I could capitalize on this even more… (and man, is that a deep rabbit hole! Once you get super deep into business, marketing and all that stuff)

But before too long, I had a stupidly simple idea.

Why not just put a paypal button underneath my tracks, and let people buy them directly without even having to contact me?

And instead of selling a beat to just 1 artist, why not sell non-exclusive licenses for the same beat to multiple artists.

Boom! Beat leasing is here!

The short story? It worked!

And as a result, the next few years of my life took me from sitting in a college dorm room making beats and small-time deals, to traveling the world, selling beats to bigger and bigger artists like Vinnie Paz, Wu-Tang Clan, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg and moving to London then eventually Los Angeles where I live today.

What I didn’t realize back then is that I was living through the biggest boom in online beat selling the internet has ever seen………

That is, until now…

Since that fateful day back in college, I’ve been selling and licensing beats online for almost two decades…

And I recently discovered a brand new way for ANY beat producer to not just sell beats, but build a list of hungry buyers and fans who come back time and time again for more...

It’s called The Producer Funnel.

That simple strategy of putting paypal buttons for lease beats on myspace and soundclick pages back in 2003 may have changed my life back then, but the Producer Funnel makes that strategy look like a lemonade stand in comparison!

We’re about to embark on the next great revolution in the beat industry and the old ways are rapidly becoming obsolete.

We’ve been teaching The Producer Funnel strategy to a select group of students, showing them exactly how to implement it and even giving them a carbon copy they can make their own…

And now, we’d like to invite you.

If you sell beats, productions, music, sample packs or anything else online and want to get started without wasting time learning outdated strategies that just don’t work any more…

Join us this Thursday when we’ll be lifting the lid on this brand NEW strategy that’s taking the producer world by storm…

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