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Music Theory Made Too Easy?!? Captain Plugins Review

A video review of the music theory plugin suite called "Captain Plugins" by Mixed in Key. Does it make music theory too easy? It works on both Windows & MacOS (originally an Apple only software). It also works in all DAWs. It comes with 4 different plugins (Captain Melody, Captain Play, Captain Deep, Captain Beat & Captain Chords). It has a decent set of scales, fancy chords, rhythms, progressions & drums line. Yes, you can drag & drop drum lines too! My only real complaints is the lack of randomization thru pre-defined parameters (example: the ability to pick your scale & randomly rolling the dice on a progression would a be nice touch!). However, I find it to be pretty decent. How do you feel about this? Please leave a comment below!

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0:00 intro
0:48 what is this plug suite?
1:13 exploring captain chords
5:43 exploring captain beats
6:22 captain plugins fl studio tips
6:40 captain plugins with other VSTs
7:04 one note chords with captain chords
7:16 exploring captain deep
8:06 exploring captain play
9:03 pro's, con's & rant

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