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Music producer trolls are the WORST

If you ever took the time and effort to leave a troll comment on an Instagram ad, it just means you’re unhappy. That’s an unhappy person thing to do. Get off social media and reprogram your brain You know leaving negative comments feels good for 30sec - 2min then it’s over.

I want to help you get over this sh*t right now.

If you been drinking the hatorade here’s some solutions for you that actually work:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others: No such thing as a life that’s better than yourz. I did a song with J Cole about it. It’s true and it works. YOU are unique and you are special. Try to remind yourself of that every day.

2. Let Go Of Competition: I know it feels cool to treat this stuff like a basketball game and you’re Jordan. You’re not Jordan and this isn’t the same game. This is Life. Get over it and start prioritizing joy. You can’t outdo EVERYBODY. Someone out there will always have 1 up. Sure, you can motivate yourself. Do that. But don’t hate yourself by trying to compete all the time. Appreciate the small wins.

3. Do Fun Stuff In Real Life: Put the phone down. This stuff is toxic after a while. Go do something cool. Don’t worry about people judging you. No one cares. Go do the things that honestly make you happy, even if they’re small and stupid to some people. Screw them. Do you. There’s more to life than social media.

4. Take A Deep Breath Hold It In For 4 Seconds And Release Then Do It 10 Times In A Row: The next time you get the urge to troll and say something really mean and pointless on Instagram, do this.

5. Unfollow Accounts That Don’t Bring You Joy: Of their posts don’t inspire you, inform you, entertain you, bring a smile to your face or motivate you, then why follow them. Do yourself a favor. Hit that button. ✌