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Mannie Fresh Talks Molding The Cash Money Sound, DJing, Working With Lil Wayne & More

HHS1987’s Philly correspondent EMoney, sits down for an exclusive interview with the legendary DJ & producer, Mannie Fresh at the Heineken Green Room event at The Dolphin Tavern in Philadelphia. Mannie Fresh talks about going back to his days of being a DJ, variety and originality being lost in hip-hop, and what type of music he DJ’s. E then shifts the conversation to finding out what rappers he feels stand out, which happened to be Kendrick Lamar, as he explains what sets the TDE artist apart. Mannie also touches on leaving Cash Money and how he’s dealt with moving on and staying relevant. The producer gives us some knowledge on the industry and if he’s going to work with Lil Wayne or what artists he’s currently working with.

To get the whole run down watch the interview with EMoney and Mannie Fresh below, and leave us a comment after you peep it!

Mannie Fresh