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Lex Luger: Kanye Called and Talked for 2 Hours Before Revealing Who He Was

Producer Lex Luger famously worked with Kanye on his 2011 hit "H.A.M.," and he spoke with VladTV about the process of meeting Kanye. When asked about his first time talking to the rapper, Lex told us that he got a call from a Paris number and he ended up speaking on the phone with the person for two hours, only to find out it was Kanye at the end of the conversation. When asked if he wanted to hang up at any point during the phone call, Lex told us that he was "sucked in" the conversation, despite not knowing who was on the other end.

When it came to speaking about working on "H.A.M.," Lex told us that he flew out to Paris and he was in the studio with Kanye, Beyonce, and Jay Z when the Chicago spitter picked out the beat. Lex added that it was a week later when he heard that Kanye dropped the song.

Hit the above clip to hear more from Lex, including a story about Kanye paying a guy hundreds of dollars per hour to listen to his rare record collection.

Lex Luger