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Legion Beats Talks How To Make $1 MILLION The NEW Way of Selling Beats Online + More

Legion Beats Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. IF YOU PRODUCE YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. This is by far the most beneficial podcast for any producer period! Gabe from Legion beats breaks down step how to model your beat store to maximize sales through click funnels. He also breaks down why the current business model for selling beats online is not scalable nor effective. Not only did we discuss what the new more effective way of selling beats but we also talked about how chasing placements is not a consistent form of income. We also discuss the benefits of engineering, building a team, and how to use facebook ads to boost your sales. We can't stress enough how vital this is for the producer community, big shout out to Legion beats for dropping so much sauce man!

Learn The New Way of Selling Beats Online

0:19 Are you the highest selling online producer of all-time?
1:12 How did you first get into making music?
3:04 Interning led to a successful career engineering and building industry relationship that
5:40 10 years of chasing placements wasnt working
12:34 What is a Click-Funnel??
14:19 This is why most beat stores are failing!
19:19 This is how you fix it! Build your Producer Funnel Pt.1
21:55 Paying a business coach $25,000 a year to transform his business
25:20 Build your Producer Click Funnel Pt.2
30:40 How to build a personal brand and build a connection without being corny?
35:27 You cant rely on one platform! Build your email and sms lists!!!
43:27 Producer Click Funnel Pt.3
55:50 Selling beats online works even if you dont have placements!
58:23 Common producer marketing mistakes
1:00:22 Instagram engagement hack (Super Sauce)

1:01:45 Guess what?? There's a full course on this stuff!!!! http://bit.ly/ClickFunnelProducerTrai...

1:07:29 What does over saturation with this new business model look like?
1:08:29 Does Gabe make beats?
1:09:20 When its time to build a team and when its not!
1:14:16 Making beats with hooks is better for placements

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Legion Beats