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[Interview]: Music Industry - Should You Stay Local Or Travel To Help Your Music Career? @Draydel

Meeting those people and making those connections and getting to those other places - you're physically reaching out and branching out from where you are.
I feel like its just natural for that to come back to you, in your music. In your career. Like, if you physically go out and put in the work, you're going to see it turn back come in to the music as far as your numbers, your growth, expansions into other countries.
But if you're just in one spot, makes it a little but harder. I mean, I'm not going to say it cant be done, because a lot of people have done it, not going ANYWHERE.
Literally staying in their mom's house and then just blowing up off of a viral video or something simple.
But really it does multiply your chances in making your dreams come true.

So what do you feel like works best for your situation? Leave a comment below!

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