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Internet Money Talks New Album, Being Turned Down By Labels + More: Carton Conversations S1E1

Internet Money’s Taz Taylor and Nick Mira sit down for an interview with JB and Jake of Lyrical Lemonade to bring you the inaugural episode of Carton Conversations. Taz Taylor and Nick Mira go on to talk about Internet Money’s upcoming album, being turned down by labels, and more.

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Guests: Taz Taylor & Nick Mira of Internet Money
Hosts: Jake Brode & Jake Millan
Videographer: Jackson Wigger
Studio Manager: Sal Tarantino
Producers: Jake Brode, Jake Millan, Sal Tarantino & Elliot Montanez
Production Asst.: Wyatt Morrison
Edited By: Jackson Wigger

Taz Taylor