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Illmind: Making 7 Figures, Why YOU Struggle To Sell Beats, How To Stand Out From Competition *GEMS

Illmind: Making 7 Figures, Why YOU Struggle To Sell Beats, How To Stand Out From Competition *GEMS

Illmind Drop Too Many Gems. Those Courses you paid for... Nah, this all you need. Illmind goes over how he made over 7 figures over the last year. He talks about producer mindset and mistakes producers make that can hold them back from selling beats. He also talked about Russ, beat tags, selling kits, twitch, work ethic, etc.

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00:00 Intro
01:10 Illmind producer credits & intro
02:13 Making 7 figures
05:35 First time making money off music
08:37 How music business was in 2009 for producers
11:09 Why producers struggle to sell beats in 2021
13:18 Investing in your brand & how money works
21:08 Producers jumping on trends too quickly
23:19 Producer scams & bad business moves
25:30 Placement secrets?
27:15 Switching things up & doing things different
28:42 How producers can stand out & trying things out
35:25 Producers making content & Twitch tips for producers
41:15 Spreading out & executing multiple ideas
46:22 Getting others to do things vs doing things yourself
52:08 Quality vs quantity & being consistent
58:03 How producers can provide value for a specific audience
01:02:30 The key to selling & WHY you are doing things
01:07:20 Gems about every movie we like
01:14:08 Focusing on small tasks instead of results
01:19:35 Nifty Loops, exclusive 1-of-1 loops & problem with non exclusive loops
01:25:58 Blockchain ledger & NFT technology explained
01:32:25 Royalty free loops pros & cons
01:36:03 When & where does Illmind get these ideas?
01:37:00 Summary of how to sell something
01:38:56 What is BlapHouse?
01:44:30 Best way to overcome unfinished beat
01:47:13 Using beat tags or not?
01:51:40 Producers who have a run, longevity & staying relevant
01:56:42 Beat tags, copying the formula & creating your own version
01:59:50 Stand your ground, get to know artists & building relationships
02:03:10 Working with Guapdad 4000
02:04:18 Ways producers can help artists
02:06:10 Working with Russ
02:09:20 Selling beats with hooks & working with songwriters
02:11:25 How important is education in 2021
02:14:57 Outro, last question & how to work with Illmind