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How To Structure Beats For Placements | Drake & Future Producer D. Hill Interview | CEO Morning Show

This morning Dylan is interviewing Grammy nominated multi-platinum producer D. Hill. He has worked on the Drake and Future chart-topping collaborative single "Life Is Good" and has also worked with DaBaby, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi, Lil Tecca, Kollision and more. In this interview we talked about how to structure your beats for placements, working with artists who aren't big and building a catalog with them, and how D. Hill went from sleeping in his car to working with top tier artists and producers in the studio, which led to building his brand and momentum through placements.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Episode overview: D.Hill producer of “Life is Good” and “Desires” Future and Drake
15:40 D.Hill Joins the stream
16:10 D.Hill talks about his grind
16:54 The difference between making beats and taking it serious
18:24 When you’re ready to start sending beats to artists
19:49 How long it took D.Hill to master his craft
21:32 D.Hill's go to structure
26:15 Best way to go about using loops
27:31 D.Hill's go to plugins, Biotek, and mixer, master channel
30:49 Plugins D.Hill used on “Life is good” and how the track came about
35:33 Navigating Atlanta, Miami music scene
39:03 Where to start as producer when you move to a big city
43:49 D.Hill’s thoughts on interning
46:51 D.Hill’s biggest challenge on his come up and looking like you’re in motion
54:13 D.Hill’s thoughts on building catalogue
56:42 Working with artists who have nothing going on and artists who have a budget
01:02:04 What D.Hill did to prepare for the success of “Life is good”
01:04:25 How many beats to have in the inventory
01:06:33 Reasons why producers/artists fall off
01:08:38 Q&A with Joshwin: Advice for a 13 year old, building up with artists, sending beats to artists who don’t write
01:15:38 Q&A with Icey: How to get emails, sending beats to engineers, staying independent or getting signed
01:18:56 Q&A with Chris Garcia: What’s the key to having a solid mix when sending beats
01:22:33 D.Hill’s opinion on paying producers to link up at a studio for one on one interaction
01:25:43 Q&A with Drillbit: Breakthrough moment for D.Hill that increased his brand and following up on “Life is Good”
01:29:43 Q&A with Karmatosed: How D.Hill connects his songs with transitions
01:32:18 D.Hill’s twitch stream and merch
01:35:05 Outro