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How To Steal Sounds! iZotope RX8 Sampling tips

An overview video on iZotope's RX8 audio editor suite! It's great for stealing sounds, samples, drums, and creating acapellas! I've owned RX7 for the past year and a half but never did a video. Why you ask? Well, would you tell everyone about a strong tool that gives you a huge advantage? RX8 brings a lot of new feature like music re-balancing with stems, spectral recovery, and guitar de-noise. I actually use de-hum on this video to get rid audio cable humming. Which brings up a good point. Sometimes, as a content creator. You have to meet "deadlines" and can't record a clip again. So RX8 actually saved me in post production! I hope you guys enjoy the alley-oop I threw because the software itself isn't cheap btw (however there are 3 different versions of RX8). Plus, if you look around you might find a discount at Plugin Boutique. The cons are you'll need a very strong CPU to use it at full potential and spectral recovery takes a bit of time to render (at least in my test). Overall, the new features are more than welcome. What do you think about RX8? Please leave a comment below!

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0:00 intro
0:52 guitar de-noise test
4:39 music re-balancing features & DIY acapella tips
7:07 spectral recovery test
9:25 pro's and con's

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