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How Much Should Exclusive Beats Cost: Selling Beats Online (MEC Podcast)

When you're selling beats online, you're likely leasing beats. But what if somebody wants you to sell them an exclusive beat? Dame asks me and Leaux Fi what we think and how we negotiate prices in the music business.

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00:00 - Intro
01:16 - Clubhouse App
03:55 - Major Label Conversations are Lacking
11:47 - What's Your Budget? Negotiating Prices
14:50 - How Much for an Exclusive Beat?
22:24 - Why You Shouldn't Sell Exclusive Beats
26:26 - Internet Producers Have an Advantage
28:33 - Funk Volume Beat Buying Experiences
30:39 - Selling Your Publishing and Masters?!
35:10 - $10,000 for a Beat?!
43:39 - Music Business Secret Tip from Dame
45:59 - Synch Licenses are Big Money

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