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How To Grow A Fanbase In 20 Days | New And Improved #20DAYSOFFOCUS​ CHALLENGE

Learning how to build a fan base from scratch and knowing how to properly promote your music is a must if you ever want success with your music, but that's just the starting line. Growing a music brand with "hope" marketing is impossible without first developing a plan and an effective routine that will enable you to reach those goals. Lack of focus and structure leads to low confidence and without confidence and clarity we feel completely lost and even worse...stuck...with no idea of how to find change. The 20DAYSOFFOCUS Challenge has changed thousands of lives, and now, as we have moved into 2021, we need the challenge again more than ever before. This video is important to me because I know that for those who go all in on it will see an incredible transformation in their life and will experience next level focus and confidence in their pursuit of establishing a career in music. Let's do this #20DAYSOFFOCUS​ Challenge together, move into 2021 on a high note, and show the world what we can do in 20 days!

JOIN THE #20DAYSOFFOCUS​ Challenge Here: http://www.20daysoffocus.com​

Let's get to work!


Adam Ivy