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How Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist cooked up no-compromise classic "Alfredo" | The Formula S2E3

After years working separately, Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist had all the ingredients they needed for a front-to-back classic when they finally linked up to make 2020's "Alfredo." Here, the pair breaks down the making of "Skinny Suge," the haunting confessional that finds Gibbs reliving the trauma of having one foot in the rap game and one deep in the streets of Gary.

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Rodney Carmichael | November 12, 2021
The Grammys was never the goal for Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist. Anyone intimately familiar with the hard-hitting discographies of both underground kings knows this all too well. But when their joint album "Alfredo" — a mafioso-inspired combination of both their names — earned a nod for Best Rap Album last year it was one of the rare occasions that the Academy got hip-hop right.

Alfredo also proves the power of a well-executed collaboration. The best sonic alliances can elevate artist and producer and change the career trajectory of both. Most fans probably don't know that the first time Gibbs and Alchemist collaborated, in the early 2000s, Gibbs was a new signee on Interscope and Alchemist was a rising producer in demand. Though the unreleased tracks they made never saw the light of day after Gibbs' deal soured, the duo was destined to reconnect like Voltron. First, though, they each played major roles in elevating joint rap albums to high art with other high-powered collaborators. While Alchemist built long-running discographies with the likes of Prodigy, Action Bronson, Boldy James, Evidence and many more, Gibbs made two front-to-back classics with Madlib. The pair had relinked for a trial run alongside Currensy on 2011's "Scottie Pippens," which led to the trio's 2018 LP "Fetti." From there, "Alfredo" was just over the horizon.

On this week's episode of The Formula, the third in a season that digs into the collaboration between rappers and producers, we visit Alchemist's L.A. studio for a smoke-veiled conversation with the duo as they share the special sauce for "Alfredo," an LP equal parts brooding and boastful. They break down the making of "Skinny Suge," the haunting confessional that finds Gibbs reliving the trauma of having one foot in the rap game and one deep in the streets of Gary. The resulting classic, "Alfredo," is what happens when two masters of their craft link at the top of their game: Everybody eats.

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"Skinny Suge," Freddie Gibbs, Alfredo (2020); "Rose Water" by DJ Face

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