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How To DOUBLE Your Beat Sales Online, Common Mistakes & How to Start from ZERO | w/ Big Shot Beats

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Billy's journey was very much like mine. He began his career making beats and has gotten himself into sessions with major artists. However, nothing panned out into anything worthwhile.

Billy came to quit music. He need something more sustainable. So he switched careers, and this move actually helped Billy come back to kill it in his beat business!

00:00 Intro
01:54 The story of Big Shot Beats
05:29 Following your path
06:29 Most successful are those who help the most
08:04 Learn, execute and share
09:00 Investing in yourself is key
10:37 Belief before strategy
12:03 Mentorship and Law of Attraction
16:09 Should you pay for courses?
19:57 Common mistakes when trying to sell beats online
31:18 Things which are working when trying to sell beats online
47:58 How to start from ZERO
56:17 Are producer sales funnels saturated?
1:01:36 Traffic sources, community and omnipresence
1:11:39 Obstacle is the way
1:14:27 Connect with Big Shot Beats

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Double your beat sales online by utilizing this simple yet extremally important piece of advice, learn about the common mistakes when it comes to selling beats online and see what's working today! The importance of having a mentor, why you should pay for courses, how to start from ZERO and many more!

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