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Honorable C NOTE Talks Having 7000 Placements, Clean Distortion, Being Humble is The Key + More

Honorable C NOTE Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We sat down with C NOTE to get the full story of his come up & how he got to where he is today by taking the long route as an independent producer. We had to ask him how making beats led to 7000 placements and being able to keep your sound evolving and relevant for over 15 years through relationship building and producer marketing. Honorable C NOTE talked about his discovery of fasting and how he was able to overcome health scares through the power of self-healing. Definitely a dope episode filled with lots of gems and crazy stories

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0:15 CNOTE has over 7,000 Placements!!!!!
1:26 How CNOTE he got into making beats
5:27 Pride will hold you back as a producer
7:40 How to give constructive criticism
10:26 It's okay to rework songs in post production
11:36 Being straight forward without being rude
13:26 Stories of CNOTE's music flopping at parties
16:02 Creating beats that tell stories and give feeling
18:37 Crazy violinist story
22:12 Is it necessary to study music history?
24:09 Are producers making lazy beats?
28:54 Let's talk about CNOTE'S distortion!!
29:26 When you humble you can see it all
34:25 Evolutions of music scene in Atlanta
44:09 The best way to build your career as a producer in 2019!
54:12 Sound designing for the win!!
1:00:51 Hey man, practice on your craft!
1:03:16 Working towards a new narrative in music

*Fan Questions*

1:11:23 What's your favorite key to make beats in? @jptrackz

1:12:20 How old were you when you got your first placement? @criticalsbeatz (Gem Alert )

1:15:24 How long did you make beats until you felt they were ready to be placed? @orgasmatron187

1:18:24 Health is Wealth!!

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