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Having trouble getting placements? Here are my tips & tricks to working with big artists

Are you curious how to get more placements as a producer?

Everyone is, so today I break down some tips and tricks for how you can start to work with the more mainstream artists. It is still tough to navigate but these strategies will help think about it in a different way.

I've been lucky enough to work with 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Young Dolph, Tink, TNT, Sprite, and many more over my career using these tips and tricks.

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00:00 | Timestamps
00:38 | Build with Local Artists
01:34 | Build a database
02:18 | Search playlists
03:20 | Find Behind The Scenes Credits
04:12 | Make Loop Packs for Industry Producers
04:45 | Find Newly Signed Artists
05:33 | You Can't Fail Until You Quit