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Facetime: Mike Dean on Rodeo vs Astroworld, 420 Album, Kanye Stories, THE SCOTTS (Interview)

In this Facetime interview, I talk to the legendary producer and engineer behind your favourite artists, such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, 070 Shake + more. We first went in depth with his own new album he released, called “4:20”, consisting of ideas he gathered together from his livestream synth sessions during this COVID 19 quarantine. Mike reveals the inspiration behind the tracks, how he’s working on the soundtrack for a video game + more. We also asked him about his long catalogue with Travis Scott. He tells us the difference in creative process between Travis’s first studio album “Rodeo” and “Astroworld”, and how long he took to make “The Scotts” outdo with Kid Cudi. Additionally, we got to hear his stories of the Wyoming party with Kanye, Yeezus sessions, why Devil in a New Dress is the best outro he’s worked on + more. Stick around till the end for when he performs a live synth/guitar session for us from his home studio. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver Canada.

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TIMESTAMPS! What’d you think of his live session at the end?

0:00 - Disclaimer
0:45 - Mike working on music for a video game
1:50 - Making the 420 album all by himself
2:40 - Putting out an album with artists like Kanye & Cudi on it
3:30 - Reacting to Lovesick by Travis Scott (2012)
4:40 - How can artists reach Mike Dean? Who he’s listening to right now
6:03 - His favourite collaborator at Kanye sessions
6:36 - Story of finishing the “Ye” album minutes before the Wyoming release party
7:32 - The toughest part about making albums that fans don’t get to see
8:25 - Drake’s Sicko Mode verse being sent in while everyone was chilling in Mike’s kitchen + the reaction
9:00 - Top 3 outros he’s ever worked on
9:39 - How long did it take to make The Scotts outro?
9:56 - Creative process making Rodeo vs Astroworld
12:10 - Working on other albums vs his own

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Mike Dean