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In this episode, Illmind, GLAM and Atlas chop it up with special guest June James about his music, history and influences. "We're here to talk about anything and everything music, business, music production." (00:02:50)"I have a couple special things for Spotify." (00:03:42) "I want to announce a couple things... my Throne Loops contest is ongoing." (00:05:09) "I just got back from Miami. I did a 3 city little tour run for Pass the Aux." (00:06:48)"On this podcast we talk a lot about building with your peers and collaborating with each other." (00:07:53) "Go to IllmindProducer.com for tickets to Pass the Aux" (00:09:00) "Atlas, what do you have going on right now?" (00:09:23) "GLAM, what have you been working on? How's the music?" (00:11:20) "We're all really nothing without memories." (00:15:00) "I like the campaign idea about artists that have a 9 to 5 and then talk about the 5 to 9." (00:17:10) "What are some of the things your learning along the way in terms of the 5 to 9 hustle and balancing that with the 9 to 5?"(00:17:45)"That's a key word that you're using - coexisting." (00:22:50) "Everyone has bad days. Everyone has stuff they go through whether it's financial, personal or a relationship... We have the power to give power to certain things."(00:25:30)"If I was doing these Pass the Auxs' for free, not only would I be losing money, but imagine the type of clientele I would be attracting." (00:34:50) "We're here with a very special guest." (00:37:50)"What got you into production?" (00:39:50) "It's all about building direct relationships, but with people that aren't necessarily big yet." (00:47:00) "What's the priority right now?" (00:51:55) + so much more!!

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Illmind is a Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum music producer, having produced records for Kanye West, Drake, J Cole, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Hamilton on Broadway + music for film/tv including Disney & more. He is also a pioneer in the "producer drum-kit" marketplace with his popular drum kit series "BLAP-KITS".

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