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Drumma Boy Talks Good VS Bad Publishing Deals, Business Ventures, Numerology & More

We had a real dope interview with music producer Drumma Boy where we got him to spill some good producer business advice on publishing deals and when a producer should or should not sign a publishing agreement. He talked about his career choices and how they affected him as well as him being 100% independent right now and having the control over his money and publishing. Drumma Boy also discussed his other business ventures including owning clothing store "House of Fresh" in Midtown Atlanta as well as co-owning "House of Hits" recording studio in Atlanta where we stopped by for the Drumma Boy interview. One of our favorite parts of this interview was when Drumma talked about his spiritual side and talked about tapping into his third eye, numerology, overall spirituality & more.

0:34 House of Fresh ATL Urban Clothing & Style
2:54 @houseoffreshatl
3:03 Drumma Boy’s studio House of Hits ATL
3:54 The evolution of music & culture in ATL since he came into the game
6:20 Top 5 Drumma Boy Records
1. Put On - Jeezy, Kany & Jay Z Remix
2. No Hands - Waka Flocka Remix w/ Steve Aoki
3. Here I Am - Rick Ross
4. I Think I Love Her - Gucci Mane
5. Money To Blow - Drake/Look At My Dab - Migos
8:10 Fake Drumma Boy drum kits
9:05 Drumma Boy using Producergrind Kits
9:57 Sync licensing placement
11:04 Needing a major publishing deal vs not needing it
13:02 Hits from his first deal that he doesn’t get all of his back end money from
13:47 Hits from his independent stint that he gets full back end on
14:35 Songs to come with Quavo, Wiz Khalifa, Young Dolph, etc. and possibly going through Distro Kids or Spotify
15:05 Solo rap projects
15:35 Levels and eras to Drumma Boy’s career; being introduced to talent at different points in their careers
17:54 Staying motivated through the achievements
19:29 Still having a goal to establish his own
20:19 Still using MPC software and hardware
21:39 How to get in contact with Drumma Boy—Go to networking events
22:06 Building relationships with people by meeting them in-person
24:41 He only helps people who help themselves
26:48 Not surrounding yourself with yes men
28:22 Find Drumma Boy on social media


Drumma Boy