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DJ Toomp Talks New Law For Producers to Get Paid, Why Most Producers & Artists GO BROKE + More

Interview with the legend DJ Toomp who is one of, if not, the creator of making trap beats. He has produced countless hits including many of the beats on T.I.'s first succesful albums like Trap Muzik and songs like "U Don't Know Me" as well as the grammy winning T.I. song "What You Know."

His producer credits also include Kanye West "Good Life" & "Can't Tell Me Nothing" as well as Young Jeezy "I Luv It" all which went platinum before Apple Music and Spotify streaming was a thing.

We covered a wide variety of topics in what is now our LONGEST INTERVIEW yet (lol we know its long AF y'all!)! We talked about how much producers & artists get paid from Spotify and the difference between songs going platinum now vs 15 years ago when selling physical CD's were a major part of the music industry's business model.

Carrington and Toomp had a nice convo about the good ol' days when ladies and gentleman would slow dance at the club (oh how they wish it would come back )

**** We think the MOST IMPORTANT part of this interview is DJ Toomp's groundbreaking idea on ways for producers to get paid every time an artist performs their song at a show or concert (sort of like a government regulated tax.) This is something he also brought up at our Producer Town Hall in Atlanta. This is important because most producers have to rely on getting placements, selling beats & music publishing checks to pay their bills.

Another one of our favorite parts of this DJ Toomp interview is when we talked about poor money spending habits made by artist's and producer's who make a lot of money before really getting a financial education

0:53 Origins of Trap Beats

6:13 Who Is Considered a Superstar Now?

13:17 Giant "DeathRow & Luke" Fight

16:28 Early Days of Making Beats

20:23 Everything You Need To Know About DJing
- Radio Stations in ATL
- Politic B.S

34:35 DJ Toomp Reacts to 645AR - "4 DA TRAP"

34:45 No Barriers To Entry In Music Now

37:47 Producer Creativity Struggles

48:11 Old Heads Hatin Man Smh...

49:51 Keep An Eye on QC

56:06 History of 808's

1:03:30 Toomp A Playa fr

1:14:06 Advice On Fitting In and Making A Huge Impact

1:29:50 Linking With T.I. (Great Convo fr)
- Getting Dumb
- Streaming
- History of 360 Deals

1:49:30 Producers Getting Paid From Shows (The Davis Act 2017)

2:01:30 Financial Literacy (Moving Money)
- Real Estate
- Jewelry

2:13:25 Financial Advice For Everyone

2:29:36 If You're A Producer Starting In 2020 Heres Your Plan To Follow!
- Don't Quit Yo Job!!
- Real Talk

2:52:19 ATLiens Gone Be Hurt About This

3:03:22 Salute If You Stuck Thru

3:11:35 10 Bands on Speaker System

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