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DJ Khalil Says Music Needs More Joy After EDM, Dark Cycle

Published on Jul 7, 2014
http://www.hardknock.tv Exclusive in-depth interview with Grammy Winning/ Multi Platinum selling producer who's worked with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay Z, Drake, Nas, Pink, Kendrick Lamar, Lecrae, The Clipse, his own group Self Scientific and and most recently produced Aloe Blacc's album Lift Your Spirit. In part 3 Khalil talks to Nick Huff Barili about a new cycle in music. "Music just changes. I feel like we went through a period where it was very electronic, very dark, very cold and very much the same. Everything was kinda cookie cutter, in my opinion. Electronic music kinda took over and that was it. I think ones you have that go on for such a long time, people want something new. That's the cycle of music. I knew right in the middle of EDM, Funk is coming back. And look at it. Daft Punk comes back. Blurred Lines comes. Bruno Mars comes with Treasure. Those records feel good. I saw an interview with Pharrell and he was talking about there is no joy in music. I totally agree with that. I feel like now people are bringing back Joy in music."

Tune in this week for more with DJ Khalil and Young Guru.

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