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Destiny’s Child and Charlie Puth producer JR Rotem on his synth collection | Studio Essentials

Producer JR Rotem boasts a discography spanning entire eras of pop music - from his start making beats for Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” to producing smash hits like “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo and “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston to today, where he continues to work with acts like Fall Out Boy, Charlie Puth, Panic at the Disco and more. The thorough-line of Rotem’s productions lies in both his classical piano training and impressive collection of synthesizers, ranging from classics like the Roland Juno, soft-synths like Omnisphere, to modern workstations like the Korg Kronos.

In this inaugural edition of Studio Essentials, follow us into a tour of JR Rotem’s studio and get a glimpse into the hitmaker’s creative workspace.

Download the JR Rotem pack: https://splice.com/sounds/splice/jr-rotem-lions-den-pack

JR Rotem