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Collipark Explains How Urban Music Sold Out To Corporations

http://www.vladtv.com - Mr. Collipark, the DJ and producer behind acts like Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins, Translee and V.I.C explains why urban music is failing in an interview with DJ Smallz.

The Grammy nominated producer explains his hiatus from music. Collipark says he had to make his personal life a priority so he can leave a happy life. He also explains why he takes his time creating music instead of pushing out club-friendly tracks for the sake of music.

Collipark also breaks down the cycle of corporate titans ruining R&B and Hip Hop music. He says many disposable artists have taken over the genre and have made it difficult for talented people to strive. In doing so, corporate markets have followed and pushes their money and support into the artist that will give them a quick hit.

He also talks about the fall of record labels and why street rappers shouldn't put out albums.

Mr. Collipark