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Cardo Got Wings Talks Producer Come Up, Legendary Placements, Selling Beats Online + More

Cardo Got Wings Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Cardo as soon as we got to LA for a legendary music producer podcast. This has been one of the most asked about and anticipated interviews we have done so far. We got the full producer come up story as well as some personal gems and advice on making beats and getting placements. Cardo told us about how it was a struggle at first when he was scrambling around trying to make a name for himself until he linked up with Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller & Chevy Woods which led to getting placements on legendary projects like Kush & OJ. Making money as a music producer was still not easy until he discovered how to start selling beats online & linked up with other soundclick OG's like Johnny Juliano & Vybe Beatz. This episode is filled with a lot of good producer nerd talk like how loops took over and relationships with sample makers like CuBeatz has led to great beats being made at a faster rate (ex. Travis Scott - Goosebumps.)

0:45 Cardo Got Wings Producer Come Up Story

10:28 What was your focus when you were coming up?

17:48 Not signing to wiz khalifa / taylor gang & how to end a relationship without burning bridges?

22:31 The Placements That Changed Cardos Life

28:04 Read Between The Lines, Branding Play Just Might Be more valuable than the upfront money

30:55 Johnny Juliano Stops in to talk about selling beats online & the soundclick days

34:30 Why did Cardo stop selling beats online?

38:57 Selling Beats on Youtube Took over

42:18 Transitioning from Internet producer to Industry producer

44:13 Producing and Sending Beats Out Daily Routine

46:40 Clearing Sample horror stories

51:15 Mixing drums in FL Studio sauce

57:30 Transitioning from not having vsts, to using best vst plugins, to making beats with loops

59:25 Getting Cubeatz rich, Getting Travis Scott Goosebumps placement

1:04:33 Whats your favorite Cardo type beat you've ever made?

1:05:57 Producers signing Admin deals and music Publishing Deals

1:10:09 *Fan Questions

What was the KEY major thing that got him in the right position?

1:13:08 What’s one piece of producer advice you would give to yourself if you could go back 10 years? @jayraza22

1:17:17 Have you farted during a collab?? And if so, did they cancel the session? @prodbyhero

1:20:15 How could a producer union benefit the community?

1:24:48 Producer Rappers getting respect

1:27:50 Working With Andre 3000

1:35:57 Drakes God's Plan at 154.4 BPM??

1:38:12 Is it true you out here making beats naked?

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