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Beat Selling Secret + Nas Is Selling His Rights as an NFT?! (MEC Podcast 135)

What's the secret to selling beats, building fans as a rapper, and succeeding in the music business? We discuss one of the most important actions you can take, right now, to start gaining more traction in your music career. Also, Nas is selling master ownership of his new songs as NFTs to fans-- is this a good idea? Is it a good investment for his fans? Will this be the future of music consumption?

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00:00 - Intro
01:21 - Nas is Selling His Rights to Fans
04:24 - Will Nas' NFT Make You Any Money?
13:43 - Should Music be an Investment or Art? Or Both?!
18:41 - Give Away Your Publishing, Not Your Master?!
26:35 - Isn't Giving up Ownership a Bad Thing?
32:30 - Beat Selling Secret
39:37 - Your Music is a Business!!
42:00 - Artists are too Arrogant
44:30 - Fans Buy Things
46:02 - Young People Can't Communicate Well

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