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80s Synth VST Plugin - And it's Free!

The FB-7999 is an 80s style VST synth plugin from Full Bucket. It works on both Windows or MacOSX (in all DAWs). It's based after the Korg DW-6000 and 8000 hardware synth. Which came out in the 1980's. I'll show you how to make a beat using my favorite controller. Which is the AKAI MPC Studio 2 & the MPC Software. Hope you're ready for some 2-step UK Garage but it's good for other genres too! Plus, I'll walk you thru the UI. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

get the FB-7999 VST plugin here

I made this beat on the MPC Studio & MPC software
(I used the Night Life expansion that's exclusive to the MPC Studio)

Buy an MPC Studio 2 here (It's an affiliate link that helps support this channel at no additional cost to you)
(note: the MPC Studio 2 comes with exclusive expansions & the full version of the MPC software)
Alternate link
Alternate link #2

Learn more about the MPC software

free Pierre Bourne inspired 808s here

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0:00 summary
0:46 how to install
2:22 making a 2-step UK garage beat
3:57 gear use in this beat
4:23 quick preset tour
6:20 deep dive
9:16 critical thoughts

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DJ Ave McRee