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4 New Ways To Promote Your Music | DistroKid Adds Powerful Features

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As each year passes we're constantly looking for new ways to promo our music, but at times it can seem like for every piece of the puzzle we need a new membership for one thing and new software for another. Not only does it add up, but it becomes super annoying to have 30 different windows open on your screen or to be jumping back and forth between a handful of apps just to create content that will help us promote the music we've spent so much time and effort to create. What if your distribution company also gave you new tools to help with this? Well, this year DistroKid has quietly dropped some awesome new features that help us do just that and I wanted to break those down and explain what they are and how to use them. Check out the video at https://www.youtube.com/adamivy (LINK IN IG BIO)

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